My discoveries as a global nomad, and the obstacles that life has placed in my way, have pushed me to search for self-support and guidance, and to explore different philosophies.

Yoga and meditation are practices that have anchored and challenged me to move forward in understanding myself. Amazed by this new state of mind, I want to share it.

Ayurveda and massage have deepened my relationship to the Other. The « magic touch » can only operate through the opening of the heart.

More recently, crystals, essential oils and singing bowls have opened a new vibratory field and expanded my spiritual journey.


Using these different practices, my aim is to help you develop a kind and compassionate relationship to your body, your breath and quieten your mind.

Listen, feel your body and quieten the mind.

To rediscover yourself is to re-learn how to trust your sensations and feelings.It is to be aware that you are responsible for your own reality.

Karine - Yoga Instructor





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